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Do you have a business account or a specialty account (trust, estate, rep payee, etc.)? See information for you.

Account basics

Your accounts have moved to Broadview and nearly all services are the same.

You have one new member number plus a new 10-digit number for each account. Why? Having all your accounts under one member number allows you to see them all in one view online. See how to get started with digital banking and find your new member number.

If you’re already a Broadview member, you keep that member number. Your CAP COM accounts were folded into your Broadview relationship and assigned new account numbers. 

If you have a business or specialty account (trust, estate, rep payee), here’s additional information for you.

Names of a few account types have changed for simplicity’s sake. For instance, Consumer’s Choice Checking is Free Checking and Owner’s Choice Savings is Choice Savings. 

New direct deposits you add require your new account number and Broadview’s routing number 221373383. The routing number can always be found at the bottom of broadviewfcu.com. 

If you have overdraft protection, it is shifting to parallel Broadview services. You can learn more at broadviewfcu.com/overdraft. 

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Digital banking

Once you log in, you’ll see ALL your accounts – including primary and joint accounts you share –on your Dashboard.

To log in the first time, see digital banking in 5 steps. In brief:

  1. Log in with the current username and password for your oldest account
    Tip: If you have multiple accounts, the oldest typically has the smallest number.
  2. Enter the Social Security Number associated with your account.
  3. Receive the access code and create your new password 

You can hide accounts you don’t want to see. Click the gear icon for your dashboard settings. Uncheck accounts to hide them and click “Save.” Hiding will not delete them. 

Your member number is under the settings in your "Profile". Profile Icon.png
For your account numbers, select the account from your Dashboard to see it. Eye Icon.png

If you have more than one username, each has carried over to Broadview digital banking. If the username is unavailable, you must set a new one. See how in the FAQs.

New digital banking features enable you to:  

  • Access live chat from your account dashboard
  • Create and track savings goals
  • See visualizations of balances and spending
  • Customize your dashboard image (browser only)
  • Obtain your free credit score (optional), refreshed daily

If you use these account features, they will need your attention.  

  • Any debit card controls you have must be reset.
    Log in for: "Card Management" options under "Account Tools"
  • If you used account alerts, they must be reset.
    Log in to create: "Alerts" under "Account Tools"
  • Text banking has a new number. You can reenroll through online banking

Your Bill Pay information carried over. You’ll see: 

  • Companies and people you pay
  • Account numbers, amounts, and payment dates
  • Upcoming scheduled payments
  • 12 months of payment history

If you use these Bill Pay features, they'll need your attention. 

  • Reminders will need to be reset. To create them:
    • Log in and under "Move Money," select "Pay a Bill."
    • In your Payment Center, select the "Reminders" link
  • To receive e-bills, you’ll need to enroll

If you use QuickBooks or Quicken software, they need your attention. 

You’ll need to make changes in the settings of your QuickBooks or Quicken software. See instructions below.

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Staying the same

Nearly all the same products are offered, along with some added benefits. Read on for a roundup of what will stay the same.

You can keep using your debit cards, credit cards, and checks. If you have a favorite branch, staffing and services are the same.

Read on for a roundup of what's the same at Broadview.

This table is a list of CAP COM features that will be staying the same as Broadview.

    What's staying the same?

      Keep banking as usual
little blue check.png  CAP COM Visa® cards (debit, credit) will keep working
little blue check.png   CAP COM paper checks can be used for your payments
little blue check.png   Automatic debits and credits (ACH) will post to your account, as always
little blue check.png   Scheduled internal transfers to your accounts will continue as scheduled
little blue check.png   Scheduled external transfers to accounts elsewhere will continue as scheduled
little blue check.png   Direct deposits, i.e. paychecks, Social Security (ACH) will continue as scheduled
little blue check.png   Bill Pay payee and payment details will carry over
little blue check.png  Bank at shared branches across the U.S. (Reminder: bring your new member number)
little blue check.png   You will receive your statements on the same schedule
little blue check.png  Nearly all financial products are the same, plus some added benefits


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Nickname your accounts

Instructions on how to nickname your accounts.

When you log in, you'll see ALL of your accounts on one dashboard, including joint accounts you share. Nicknames make it easy to tell them apart. Spend just a minute and you'll be glad you did!

1.   Log in to your online account(s) at broadviewfcu.com. Or in the Broadview app, select Settings, then Accounts.
2.   On your dashboard, click an account
3.   On the next screen, select the pencil icon
4.   In the pop-up window, rename your account
5.   Hide it if you want, then click "Save."

If you don’t use online banking, we can set up your nicknames for you. For help, please contact us. 


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Added benefits

Providing lifelong financial services that help you prosper is why we're here.

There are some new benefits you will be able to access right away. The more resources you use, the more you can gain!

And more will be coming as we continue building Broadview for you!


      Here are some added benefits

This table is a list of CAP COM features that will be staying the same as Broadview.
        You might like
little plus sign.png  See ALL primary and joint accounts on your dashboard in Broadview's online banking and mobile app
little plus sign.png  Do all your banking at all full-service Broadview branches (basic services before)
little plus sign.png  Attend live events and access online learning through our Financial Well-Being services
little plus sign.png  Obtain your free credit score in Broadview digital banking
little plus sign.png  Reach us via 24/7 live chat here at broadviewfcu.com and in digital banking

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