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  • Routing Number

    Broadview Federal Credit Union's ABA routing number is 221373383 and is listed at the bottom of every page on this website. Scroll down to see where you can find it next time.

  • Wire Transfers

    Wire transfers offer a fast, safe way to move money from one person (or company) to another.

  • ClickSWITCH

    Easily switch your direct deposits and automatic payments to Broadview with ClickSWITCH.

  • The Art of Disguise: Caller ID Spoofing

    Criminals use advanced tactics to manipulate and deceive people. One such method that has persisted over the years is "caller ID spoofing."

  • Branches and Locations

    Broadview's full-service branches are conveniently located throughout the New York's Capital Region, and with nearly 30,000 free and low-fee local CO-OP network ATMs throughout the Unites States, we make managing your accounts even easier.

  • Preferred Dealer List

    Once you are pre-approved and if you want to handle the dealership experience yourself, visit one of Broadview’s Preferred Dealers so you can enjoy top-notch service and a few extra benefits.

  • Broadview Pays Tribute to Veterans With “Stand to Honor” Event and Donates $35,000

    In honor of Veterans Day, Broadview employees, veterans, and special guests from Capital Region nonprofits gathered outside the credit union’s corporate headquarters to show gratitude and provide financial support to those who have served our country in the armed forces.


    In accordance with Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act, Broadview is required to take reasonable steps to verify the identity of any potential new account holders, which may include existing members, and maintain records of the documentation used for verification.

  • Contact Us

    Call us, visit a nearby branch, chat with an associate, or send us an email.

  • Broadview Social Media Guidelines

    Broadview’s social media pages/platforms are public and intended to be a fun community page where you can learn about Broadview, its mission, and events.

  • Broadview to Donate $10,000 to FeedMore WNY Thanks to Buffalo Bills Playoff Run

    Broadview will donate $10,000 to FeedMore WNY in honor of the Bills fantastic season and the number of points scored during their two playoff games this season.

  • Shopping Online Securely

    Online shopping is one of life’s conveniences. We have become a society dependent upon the Internet, which makes it easier for criminals to steal your money. Here are some ways to protect yourself when you shop online.

  • Security and Fraud Prevention

    Broadview protects personal and business accounts through many security and fraud measures.

  • It's Not Too Late to Prepare for College Tuition

    While challenge of paying for college is a little stressful, it isn’t insurmountable.  With hard work and guidance, you and your child can make this happen.

  • Unemployment Claim Fraud is Soaring

    What are the chances your identity will be stolen and used to file an unemployment claim? Even if you’re extremely careful, the odds are tilting against you.

  • Protect Yourself From Card Skimming

    Reports of ATM skimming are on the rise. Fraudsters install “skimmers” to steal data from a card’s magnetic stripe and then use that information to create counterfeit cards. Here are some more ways to protect yourself from skimming.

  • Is Your Password a Friend or Foe?

    Your old, familiar passwords are putting you at risk. Here are tips to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of fraud.

  • Loan Documentation

    Here is a list of documents that will be requested while you go through the process of receiving your loan.

  • Job Seekers Beware

    Scammers are luring victims with job postings on reputable websites. If you’re seeking a job, be on the lookout for phony job postings. They appear legitimate, but watch for the red flags.

  • Loan Originators

    A full list of current or recently employed Broadview MLOs, including their NMLS registration numbers.


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