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Broadview participates in the CO-OP Shared Branch Network, giving you access to your account* at more than 5,600 branches across the country. At any credit union with the CO-OP Shared Branch logo, you can make unlimited deposits, withdrawals, pay your loan (sorry, no mortgages), review your account information and the last 10 transactions, transfer money, and more. See FAQs below. Here’s what you’ll need when you visit a shared branch:

  • Name of your credit union

  • Account number

  • Valid government ID such as a driver’s license or passport

  • You might also be asked to provide personal information like the last four digits of your Social Security Number, or the address on your account.


Find a Location
Online: Use our branch and ATM locator.
Call: (888) SITE-COOP

Transactions are performed by tellers at shared branches (not by phone).

Services at shared branch locations throughout the U.S. may vary in light of current events. If you plan to visit, please call the branch in our shared branching network for most up to date hours/services available.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shared Branches

The Shared Branch Network is a national network of credit unions that allows you to perform teller transactions at participating credit union locations – just as if you are at Broadview.

  •  Account Inquiries
  • Cash Withdrawals (up to $10,000)
  • Deposits (no limit)
  • Loan Advancements
  • Loan Payments (excluding mortgage payments)
  • Official Check Withdrawals
  • Transactional History
  • Transfers within one or more accounts
  • Business Account Deposits
  • Business Account Payments
  • Business Account Withdrawals

Sorry, you cannot make mortgage payments at a shared branch, so please submit them online or by mail. Because shared branches are physical locations, you cannot perform transactions by calling the credit union's contact center. For complex financial transactions or guidance, please reach out to us directly.

Visit this page to find the shared branch location nearest you. You can also call (888) SITE-COOP, and there is a “CO-OP ATM SHARED BRANCH” app for iPhone users. Look for the CO-OP Shared Branching logo at a location near you.

You must provide the teller with your name, the name of your credit union, your account number, and valid, government-issued ID. Staff may also ask additional verification questions to make sure they're transacting with the right person.

Acceptable ID is a valid, state-issued driver’s license (US and Canada), a valid, state-issued identification card (US and Canada), a valid passport, valid permanent resident card or resident alien card, valid United States military ID and a valid Matricula Consular ID card. Student IDs will be accepted only if the student is making a deposit.

Basic teller functions are completed free of charge to our members. These include deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, account transfers, transaction history, and loan advances. The availability of ancillary services and corresponding fees are determined by each participating credit union.

No. Broadview will only send paperwork to our members directly. We have other tools available to make it more convenient for you to sign your paperwork, while continuing to protect the security of your information.

Yes, your account will show the transaction you make immediately.

As long as the branch participates in CO-OP’s Shared Branch Network, you can. Enter your zip code and select “CO-OP Shared Branch” in our locator to see a map with shared branches near you.

All international credit union deposit transactions will be processed as cash and members will be required to make deposits using the local currency. International checks will not be permitted.

Cash deposits are unlimited at shared branches. The maximum daily cash withdrawal at shared branches across the U.S. vary because they're set by the member’s credit union and the participating credit union.

Items available for immediate cash availability include cash, treasury checks, state/government checks, postal money orders, Federal Reserve checks and payroll checks under $2,500. All other checks will receive holds, regardless of their dollar amount. Holds will match Broadview’s existing Funds Availability policy. Since each credit union’s Funds Availability policy is different, guest members processing transactions at Broadview need to check with their credit union for any check hold questions.

No. Not at this time.

No. Not at this time.



*Some restrictions may apply


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