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Our Mission

We enhance lives and build community with solutions that put people first.

Core Values

Comparison chart between a Credit Union and a Bank. Credit Unions are not-for-profit, banks are for-profit. Credit unions offer surplus earnings returned to members and lower fees than banks

As a member-owner, you’re truly a part of this credit union

What’s the difference between banks and credit unions? Credit unions are community-oriented financial institutions owned by their account holders, known as members. Banks serve customers and prioritize profits for shareholders. Broadview offers the same services as major banks. As a not-for-profit, we can invest more in resources for account holders, employees, and communities we serve.

As a member, the Statement of Condition is your "owner's report." See our financials.

Who can join Broadview? 3 easy ways to come aboard.

Meet The Board and Leadership

  • Patrick Kelly, Chair
  • Vincent Colonno, Vice Chair
  • Mark Marchand, Secretary
  • Marty Finn, Treasurer
  • Chip Lawrence
  • John Ericson
  • Elizabeth King
  • Bill Fitzpatrick
  • Peter Komarinski
  • Ronald Rock
  • Sheri Scavone
  • Mary Warr-Cowans
  • Philip Fields
  • Paul St. John, Emeritus
  • Kenneth Hahn, Emeritus
  • Ed Gilligan, Emeritus
  • Harold Horning, Emeritus
  • Leonard Smith, Jr., Emeritus
  • Christopher McKenna, Associate Director
  • Portia Lee, Associate
  • Brenda Robinson, Associate

  • Philip Fields, Chair
  • Robert Davis, Vice Chair
  • Paul St. John, Secretary
  • Portia Lee
  • Lou Anne Bigaouette


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